Welcome to the age of the customer — an era where customers call the shots and success will be based on how well companies can rise to meet their demands and expectations. What makes a great customer experience?  A consistent voice, connected interactions, personalized journey, efficient service, and rewarding relationships. Happy consumers are willing to pay more.  Positive engagements create long-standing, loyal relationships and this is so important to consumers that they are willing to pay more for it. Customer expectations are rarely met consistently.  With only 1 percent of consumers feeling that their expectations for a good customer experience are always met, it is easy to see why the relationship between brands and consumers flames out. Poor experiences due to unmet expectations lead consumers to take their business elsewhere. Bad experiences travel fast.  Consumers turn to social media to post on their customers experience and unfortunately, most online complaints go ignored by companies. Delivering a exceptional customer experiences throughout the customer lifecycle creates the loyalty, advocacy, and repeat business that drives success.