Oracle Intellicasts

Oracle Intellicasts

Tune into these podcasts for insights into Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence Products, to better understand how your organization can achieve Management Excellence. Get updates on product strategy, and learn more about how customers are using EPM and BI to support a broad range of strategic, financial and operational management processes.

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  • Enterprise Planning - Part 1—Today's networked and fast-changing economy challenges traditional spreadsheets and department-oriented planning mechanisms. To be competitive, effective planning needs to connect the organizational value chain in an integrated manner. In this podcast hear about how Oracle's Enterprise Business Planning solutions are enabling organizations to link their strategic, financial, and operational plans to achieve both vertical and horizontal alignment. (MP3)
  • Enterprise Planning - Part 2—Today's networked and fast-changing economy challenges traditional spreadsheets and department-oriented planning mechanisms. To be competitive, effective planning needs to connect the organizational value chain in an integrated manner. In this podcast hear about how Oracle's Enterprise Business Planning solutions are enabling organizations to link their strategic, financial, and operational plans to achieve both vertical and horizontal alignment. (MP3)
  • Achieving Insight to Action—Tobin Gilman, Oracle VP of Product Marketing, speaks to Boris Evelson, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Inc., regarding his views on Business Intelligence. They discuss the benefits of linking insight into action, the maturity of current technology offerings, and the challenges that organizations face when realizing this vision. (MP3)
  • Improving Sustainability Reporting at DONG Energy—Nigel Youell discusses with Niels Peulicke-Andersen, Senior Advisor for Dong Energy how they are using Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System to consolidate and report financial and sustainability information for both internal management reporting and external stakeholder reporting. (MP3)
  • A Customer Case of Highly Scalable BI and Analytics for E-Commerce Marketing—LinkShare is one of the largest users of BI and Analytics for its innovative, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing and Pay-per-Action services. It use OBIEE to gain insights into its own performance but also offers vast amounts of data and analytics to its customers on the performance of their marketing programs and campaigns. This session will highlight how creative firms can use BI to transform the products and services they provide to their customers and use BI as a competitive differentiator. (MP3)
  • Improving Finance Department Productivity at BorgWarner—Nigel Youell, Product Marketing Director, Enterprise Performance Management Applications at Oracle discusses with Mark Smith, Manager, Financial Reporting Systems at BorgWarner how using Oracle's Enterprise Performance Management System on top of SAP transactional systems at BorgWarner has made significant improvements in the productivity of its finance function and halved the time it takes to close its books. (MP3)
  • Managing the Transition to IFRS—As countries around the world announce and begin their move to adopting IFRS what can companies learn from those that have already traveled this path? Nigel Youell, Product Marketing Director for Performance Management Applications at Oracle talks to David Jones, Director at PWC, who has worked with multi-national companies across Europe helping them to make this transition and to improve their financial reporting in the process. This podcast offers those who have not yet started, or are currently undertaking, the IFRS journey the chance to learn from David's considerable experience on how to make IFRS an opportunity for improvement rather than just an enforced change. (MP3)
  • Enabling Pervasive Business Intelligence—Many organizations are challenged to deploy true, enterprise-wide, pervasive BI – some due to complex business processes, data silos, project implementation approaches and/or system infrastructures that just can’t scale. In this podcast you’ll hear insights from BI experts at Dell and Oracle on trends and best practices in the BI market that you can put to use at your organization today! (MP3)
  • Regulatory Reporting using XBRL - The SEC Viewpoint—Nigel Youell interviews Jeff Naumann, Assistant Director in the Office of Interactive Disclosure at the SEC, about XBRL. This podcast is a must for all public companies who will need to publish filings in XBRL over the next few years. Get the SEC viewpoint of the current requirements and some insight into what the future might hold. (MP3)
  • XBRL and Regulatory Reporting: Past, Present and Future—Charlie Hoffman, the recognized "father of XBRL" talks to Oracle’s Performance Management Applications - Product Marketing Director, Nigel Youell and gives his perspective on the current state of XBRL and XBRL technologies for regulatory reporting. (MP3)
  • Planning for Recovery—Uncertainty sets the tone of business planning these days and past precedents, 'rules of thumb' and trading history provide little comfort when assessing future prospects. After 18 years of constant growth in GDP, planning is no longer about extrapolating past performance and adjusting for growth. It is now about constantly testing the temperature of the water, formulating scenarios, assessing risk and assigning probabilities. So how does one plan for recovery and improve forecast accuracy in such a volatile environment? (MP3)
  • Oracle HR Analytics: Driving Return on Human Capital Investment—In this podcast, you'll hear from Lexy Martin, the director of Research and Analytics for CedarCrestone, and the author of a recent, in-depth Oracle white paper on HR Analytics, as she talks about current trends in HR and how firms are using analytics to gain insights on their HR operations and performance. (MP3)
  • "The Intelligent Enterprise" - A review of the Economist Intelligence Unit's (EIU) recent study and key findings on executive decision making—The EIU's study The Intelligent Enterprise on "creating a culture of speedy and efficient decision making" had a number of findings pertinent to business intelligence and how organizations capture, analyze, distribute and take action on "data". In the end, business intelligence is about providing insights on data in order to make better, fact-based business decisions. In this informative podcast, you'll hear how advances in business intelligence tools and management practices are beginning to address the hurdles and issues that the EIU findings raise. (MP3)
  • Improving the Extended Financial Close and Reporting Process—Coming out of the recession, many organizations need to build or re-build trust with key stakeholders by delivering more timely and accurate financial and operating results. In this podcast, hear about new capabilities Oracle is delivering through its Enterprise Performance Management products to help organizations coordinate and improve the extended financial close and reporting process, from closing the sub-ledgers to regulatory filings. (MP3)
  • Applied Security for Oracle Business Intelligence—Hear Author Bryan Wise talk about his recent book Applied Oracle Security and learn about the cutting edge techniques for Oracle Business Intelligence from a leading security expert. (MP3)
  • Oracle's Analytics and BI Foundation Solutions—Oracle's BI technology powers a comprehensive family of prebuilt analytic applications that support a broad spectrum of business processes and industries - listen in to hear how firms are integrating business intelligence directly into business processes, providing actionable intelligence to right people at the right time. (MP3)
  • Enterprise Class BI - A discussion on Oracle's BI Strategy and BI Market Trends—Learn how Oracle provides the industry's most comprehensive set of BI solutions, including an enterprise-class BI foundation for reporting, analysis, modeling, and forecasting and the key trends in the BI market that make these capabilities so relevant. (MP3)
  • Choosing the Right Financial Consolidation and Reporting Solution—Financial reporting requirements for publicly-held companies are changing and getting more complex. With the upcoming convergence of US GAAP and IFRS, demand for more detailed non-financial disclosures, and the SEC mandate for XBRL financial executives are under pressure to ensure they have the right systems in place to support current and future reporting requirements. Tune into this conversation with Rich Clayton, VP of Enterprise Performance Management and BI products for Oracle, and Annette Melatti, Senior Director of Product Marketing for Financial Applications to learn about the latest market requirements, what capabilities are provided by Oracle's General Ledgers, and how customers can extend their investment in Oracle General Ledger solutions with Oracle's market-leading financial close and reporting products. (MP3)
  • A New Approach to Profitability and Cost Management—Understanding profitability and cost is fundamental to improving performance. Learn how Oracle Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management drives business performance by discovering the drivers of cost and profitability, empowers users with visibility and flexibility, and improves resource alignment. (MP3)
  • The Columbus State University Business Intelligence Project - Rapid Rewards!—Columbus State University (CSU) is one of the Georgia State University institutions. It is faced with some unique challenges due to the growth at nearby Fort Benning and a new KIA automotive plant combined these developments could double the number of students at CSU over the next five years. CSU needed to get a better handle on who their students were, where they are coming from, what do they want for courses, etc...bottom-line they needed to get better insights into their customers, their operation and their financial performance - and they looked to a BI project to start capturing and delivering this data to key executives and stakeholders across the institution. (MP3)
  • The Role of Essbase in Your Enterprise BI Strategy—Essbase, is a strategic component of Oracle's BI technology platform, and the most widely deployed OLAP server in the world. Essbase, in conjunction with Oracle BI Suite Enterprise Edition, represents the technology foundation for all of Oracle's BI and Performance Management applications. The combination of the two integrated products are giving customers the ability to gain insights not only into what happened and what's happening in their business, but also what the future may hold. Listen to learn more about Essbase and how customers are using its unique capabilities for applications such as management reporting, forecasting and profitability analysis. (MP3)
  • Welcome to Oracle Intellicasts—Tobin Gilman and John O'Rourke provide some background about the EPM market and how it applies to Oracle's Vision. Get a preview of the exciting content you'll be able to find on this Oracle Intellicast Channel. (MP3)