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Panorama Consulting Solutions 2011 Clash of the Titans: An Independent Comparison of Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics

Panorama Consulting Solutions 2011 ERP Report: Clash of the Titans provides findings on detailed project factors such as implementation costs, durations, and payback periods summarized by vendor. Also included in this report are metrics regarding selection trends, satisfaction and benefits realization.

Highlights of the survey include Oracle having the highest satisfaction rate at 80% (100% said they would purchase again from Oracle) -compared to satisfaction rates of 39% and 33% for SAP and Microsoft respectively. While SAP led in market share, Oracle led the pack in terms of selection rate once short-listed and implementation time (11 months compared to 13 and 14 for SAP and Microsoft).

Functional strengths specific to Oracle ERP solutions based on qualitative input from their clients include:
  • Strong finance and accounting functionality
  • Advanced pricing module supports complex pricing scenarios
  • E-portal provides for easy interaction with customers and suppliers
  • Well-built IT architecture
  • Better product configurator
  • Good functionality for production operations


A summary of Oracle's suites of solutions strengths and weaknesses as they relate to SAP and Microsoft Dynamics include:

  • Second largest share of the market
  • Highest average variance between actual and planned budgets
  • Shortest implementation duration
  • Longest payback period
  • Highest satisfaction rate

Below are some of the highlights of SAP's suite of solutions as they relate to Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics:

  • Largest share of the market (SAP 18%, Oracle 14%, and Microsoft 7%)
  • Highest total implementation cost
  • Lowest average variance between actual and planned budgets
  • Highest short-listing rate
  • Second highest satisfaction rate

Microsoft Dynamics
Below are some of the highlights of Microsoft Dynamics suites of solutions as it relates to Oracle and SAP:

  • Smallest share of the market
  • Lowest total implementation cost
  • Longest implementation duration
  • Shortest payback period
  • Lowest satisfaction rate
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The report is based on surveys of more than 1,800 respondents that have either selected or implemented ERP solutions over the last six years. The survey was open to all participants via the Panorama website at

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