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Oracle Accelerate and Wells Fargo Electronic Commerce Services

Making Payments Automation Affordable for Organizations of All Sizes


Many organizations are gradually taking advantage of electronic payments processing to reduce their reliance on manual, paper-intensive processing of payables and receivables. But research shows that there are still a surprising number of companies of all sizes that have yet to integrate their financial accounting systems with electronic banking services. Why? Bank-to-ERP integration efforts are often costly, one-off custom projects that can last up to six months, with testing and ongoing support and maintenance requiring the constant attention of already limited IT resources.

The Wells Fargo Adapter - which integrates Wells Fargo's automated treasury management services with either Oracle E-Business Suite or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne financial applications - offers a pre-packaged solution that minimizes the time, expense and complexity of developing and maintaining a one-off integration of this type.

Now, businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this affordable, pre-packaged solution and experience the benefits of automating payables, receivables and reconciliation activities, including:

  • Reduced per-transaction costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved cash flow management
  • Enhanced relationships with customers and trading partners
  • Improved regulatory visibility and control

Installation and integration testing for the Wells Fargo Adapter can generally be completed in less than a week. Additionally, the Adapter is fully maintained and supported by Wells Fargo, further minimizing your need for ongoing IT resources.

So whether you're a large enterprise or a midsize business, the Wells Fargo Adapter can enable you to achieve quantifiable benefits to your bottom line.


The Wells Fargo Adapter

  • Press release to learn more about the availability of the new Wells Fargo Adapter for Oracle - enabling fast and affordable payments automation.
  • Read this two-page Solution Brief on how to leverage your Oracle E-Business Suite or JD Edwards EnterpriseOne technology investment to quickly and affordably streamline and automate your payment processing.
  • Listen to this six-minute Executive Podcast to hear Oracle and Wells Fargo executive discussion around the Wells Fargo Adapter.
  • For more information, visit Wells Fargo at adapter.wellsfargotreasury.com.


Oracle Accelerate

  • Midsize businesses have the same needs as enterprise-class organizations, but have fewer resources to meet those needs. For more information on affordable, industry-specific solutions for fast-growing midsize business, visit www.oracle.com/accelerate.
  • If you would like to speak to an Oracle representative about the benefits of the Oracle Accelerate / Wells Fargo solution:



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