JD Edwards World for Fast-Growing Companies with Limited Budgets

Oracle's JD Edwards World for fast-growing companies and government entities is built for the IBM iSeries platform. A world-class enterprise solution, JD Edwards World delivers advanced functionality. JD Edwards World is easy to buy, implement, use and maintain, providing you with better business information for effective decision-making.


Extreme reliability. With software quality of greater than 99 percent, as well as 99.7 percent system availability, JD Edwards World applications set the industry standard for software reliability.

Very low total cost of ownership. JD Edwards World applications require comparably lower numbers of dedicated IT staff. Some fast-growing companies operate with no IT staff. The applications function as a synchronized, integrated whole and are tightly integrated and pre-bundled on a single database, reducing implementation cost and complexity.

A complete business solution. JD Edwards World applications provide advanced functionality, with fully integrated, industry-specific business processes to enable fast-growing companies to streamline operations and improve productivity.


  • Bundled solutions—You decide what you need, when you need it
  • Award-winning support—Upgrade on your terms and protect your investment with lifetime support
  • More capability—More choice for today and tomorrow

Oracle Provides Scalable, Industry-Focused, and Best-in-Class Functionality Tailored to Fast-Growing Companies and Government Entities

  • Broad industry applications feature built-in industry-specific functionality, not a stripped- down version of other applications
  • Scalable solutions with fully integrated industry-specific business processes
  • Best-in-class business processes enable rapid business process changes to meet your challenging business needs

Oracle Offers Easy-to-Own and Proven Solutions—and a Network of Partner Expertise

  • Proven experience with thousands of companies using Oracle applications
  • Our comprehensive partner network delivers deep, industry-specific functionality and best practices
  • Enterprise solutions specially built for the IBM iSeries platform

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