Cloud Ready Consolidation Solution for Oracle Databases

Unmatched Performance for Business-Critical Databases

Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Database provides a complete solution for consolidating database systems and deploying new databases. Based on Oracle Servers and Storage, it delivers unmatched performance, scalability, and reliability for demanding workloads while lowering your operating cost.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle Database
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  • Consolidate and modernize database systems to contain costs, prepare for growth and deliver improved service levels
  • Accelerate business results with the fastest systems available
  • Benefit from proven solutions and avoid the risks and costs that accompany custom integration work
  • Built with the world's fastest database and enterprise Java servers that offer up to 10x improvement over previous-generation systems, have set a variety of world records, and deliver a 5-10x price/performance advantage over competitive systems while providing a lower-cost solution for running Oracle Database workloads.
  • Grow while containing costs by cutting infrastructure expenses by 2x, consolidating hardware 7 to 1 and reducing power and floor space by 78%
  • Complete high availability solution designed, delivered and supported by a single vendor to ensure your business keeps running
More about Oracle Optimized Solutions

Only Oracle creates predefined application-to-disk solutions using real-world workloads that are then subjected to fault injection, stress, regression, performance, and scalability testing.

What's New

What's New

Webcast: How to Consolidate and Optimize Oracle Databases on Oracle's New SPARC Servers

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