Oracle Optimized Solution for Disaster Recovery

Highest Application Availability

Delivers accelerated next-generation data protection for Oracle's engineered systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions. The flexible, multi-tier architecture provides virtually unlimited scalability, centralized management, and end-to-end data protection for heterogeneous technologies.

  • Oracle Optimized Solution for Disaster Recovery
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  • Fully tested interoperability. Oracle Optimized Solutions are designed from the ground up for hardware and software integration, reducing the risk of downtime due to interoperability
  • Increased automation. Automation not only reduces the amount of time needed to failover and restart services at a secondary site and decreases the risk of human errors
  • Simplified management. Every architectural layer of Oracle Optimized Solutions can be managed through a single, centralized interface, simplifying management and increasing efficiency
  • Streamlined support. Expert support for the entire Oracle Optimized Solution, including hardware and software, is a single phone call away
  • Fast, easy deployment. With the entire hardware and software stack pre-integrated, Oracle Optimized Solutions can be deployed more quickly than custom multi-vendor solutions
  • Prevent loss of data and revenue generating access to your business
  • Minimize planned and unplanned downtime providing the highest service levels
  • Offload reports, backups and more to disaster recovery site, active / active sites supported
  • Transmit 7x less data and perform 27x fewer I/O operations compared to remote storage mirroring solutions
More about Oracle Optimized Solutions

Only Oracle creates predefined application-to-disk solutions using real-world workloads that are then subjected to fault injection, stress, regression, performance, and scalability testing.

Webcast: What are Oracle Optimized Solutions? (14:00)


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