The Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management

Unify Data Management Throughout the Content Lifecycle

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Lifecycle Content Management is an enterprise content management solution that dynamically manages information in a tiered-storage environment. It optimizes performance and capacity, driving down storage and implementation costs while increasing data value through immediate access to 100% of data for collaboration and re-use.

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Agile Product Lifecycle Management
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  • Combines Oracle WebCenter Content software with Oracle’s tiered storage
  • Simplifies content management with Oracle's Sun Storage Archive Manager
  • Unified management approach through all phases of the content lifecycle
  • Provides immediate access to data across all storage tiers
  • Scale to ingest over 270M documents per day
  • 3.4x savings in initial HW investment over tiered disk
  • $5M TCO savings in 5 years over EMC
  • Dynamic, non-disruptive access to 100% of archived data
More about Oracle Optimized Solutions

Only Oracle creates predefined application-to-disk solutions using real-world workloads that are then subjected to fault injection, stress, regression, performance, and scalability testing.

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