The Oracle Optimized Solutions for Backup and Recovery

Enabling a Smooth and Swift Backup Experience

Oracle Optimized Solutions for Backup and Recovery deliver end-to-end data protection solutions for Oracle's Engineered Systems and other Oracle Optimized Solutions with high availability and security.

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Backup and Recovery

Oracle Optimized Solution for Backup and Recovery

Feature Benefit
Tested configurations optimized for Oracle hardware and software

Rapid deployment of end-to-end data protection solutions with reduced risk

No additional software licenses with disk-only backup and recovery operations

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Consolidation of disparate legacy backup solutions

Increase resource utilization by 50% and reduce space requirements by 50%

Single end-to-end management and monitoring with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)


Oracle SuperCluster Backup and Recovery

Feature Benefit
Native high performance networking to Oracle SuperCluster engineered systems

Faster backup and recovery of applications and databases to meet and exceed Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)

Infinite scalability and no-single point of failure with flexible multi-tier architectures

Deliver Service Level Agreements (SLAs) continuously as data capacity grows

Single multi-purpose platform for backup, recovery, test, and development with ZFS Backup Appliance

Save costs by eliminating specialized backup and recovery hardware


Oracle Secure Backup

Feature Benefit
Oracle's StorageTek tape and library solutions

20x less cost than disk-to-disk (D2D) solutions for long-term retention

Built-in Oracle Database integration with performance and tape vaulting optimizations

25-40% faster tape backup than comparable products

Simplified single-component software licensing with complete enterprise features

1/5th the cost of Symantec backup solutions

Simplified end-to-end data protection

Hardware and software solutions for data security of tape backup storage

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