Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebLogic Server

Deploy Superior, Secure Application Environments

The Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebLogic Server enables organizations to rapidly deploy cost-effective application environments through the use of documented best practices.

  • The Oracle Optimized Solution for Oracle WebLogic Server
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  • Brings together systems with the world’s fastest microprocessor and systems with the industry’s #1 application server software
  • Fast application deployment with industry-leading security
  • Best practices to consolidate, reduce costs, save on licensing
  • Runs a broad range of enterprise software including Oracle, ISV, and custom applications
  • Lower system acquisition cost: SPARC T5-8 server costs 3.6X less than comparable IBM Power 780.
  • High Performance Security: Superior protection at every layer in the stack to meet most end-to-end application security requirements
  • Increased performance: SPARC T5-8 delivers 3.4x more transactions/hour vs. 8-socket IBM Power 780; 19% more transactions per socket than best published IBM Power7+ result
More about Oracle Optimized Solutions

Only Oracle creates predefined application-to-disk solutions using real-world workloads that are then subjected to fault injection, stress, regression, performance, and scalability testing.

Webcast: What are Oracle Optimized Solutions? (14:00)


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Oracle Optimized Solutions: Create a Cost-Effective, High-Performing Application Environment
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