Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 Server Outperforms IBM p5 570 on SPECjbb2005 by Over 34%


(As of Tuesday, 17 April 2007)

Oracle’s Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server running at 2.4GHz achieved 440,207 SPECjbb2005 Business Operations per Second (bops), outperforming the IBM p5 570 by over 34 percent.


SPECjbb2005 (Java Business Benchmark) measures the performance of a Java-implemented application tier (server-side Java). The benchmark is based on the order processing of a wholesale supplier application. The metrics given are number of SPECjbb2005 bops and SPECjbb2005 bops/Java Virtual Machine (JVM) (bops per JVM instance).


Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. SPEC and the benchmark name SPECjbb are registered trademarks of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Competitive data obtained from as of the date located next to the respective claim. See the Website for latest results. SPECjbb2005 Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server (16 chips, 32 cores, 2.4 GHz) 440,207 SPECjbb2005 bops, 27,513 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM submitted for review, IBM eServer p5 570 (8 chips, 16 cores, 2.2 GHz) 326,651 SPECjbb2005 bops, 40,831 SPECjbb2005 bops/Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

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