SPARC T4-2 Server Achieves World Record Results on PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.1 Benchmark


(As of Friday, 28 September 2012)

Oracle's SPARC T4-2 server set a world record on Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.1 with Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Database 11g R2. The PeopleSoft Financial benchmark, running on the SPARC T4-2 processed 20 million journal entries for General Ledger Edit and Post processes in just 8.92 minutes.

These results demonstrate that the SPARC T4-2 server is an ideal platform for enterprise-scale customers hosting Oracle's complex, multi-tier PeopleSoft applications with requirements to process 100 million journal entries in less than an hour.


The PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.1 benchmark emulates a large enterprise that processes and validates a large number of financial journal transactions before posting the journal entry to the ledger. The validation process certifies that the journal entries are accurate, ensuring that ChartFields values are valid, debits and credits equal out, and inter/intra-units are balanced. Once validated, the entries are processed, ensuring that each journal line posts to the correct target ledger, and then changes the journal status to "posted". In this benchmark, the Journal Edit & Post is also set up to edit and post PeopleSoft General Ledger Journals accounting for Inter/Intra Unit transactions in multiple currencies, which are validated against combination editing rules with multiple chartfields. The benchmark processes 20 million journal lines using AppEngine for Edits and Cobol for Post processes.


  • The SPARC T4-2 server is able to process 20 million General Ledger journal Edit and Post batch jobs in 8.92 minutes on this benchmark, reflecting a large customer environment that utilizes a back-end database of nearly 500 GB.
  • This benchmark demonstrates that the SPARC T4-2 server and PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.1 can process 100 million journals lines in less than 1 hour.

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