SPARC T4 Server Delivers Outstanding Performance on Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g


(As of Saturday, 30 September 2012)

Oracle's SPARC T4 servers enable customers to host more active users while not affecting the end-user's experience. This benchmark shows that a single T4-4 server achieves 25,000 concurrent users on the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g benchmark using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 running on Oracle Solaris 10.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g on the SPARC T4 server benchmark results demonstrates comprehensive business intelligence (BI) functionality built on a unified infrastructure with a unified business model demonstrating best-in-class scalability, reliability, and performance


The benchmark test emulated five different business user roles: Marketing Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Manager, Sales Vice-president, and Service Manager. These roles included a maximum of five different pre-built dashboards. Each dashboard page had an average of five reports in the form of a mix of charts, tables and pivot tables, returning anywhere from 50 rows approximately 500 rows of aggregated data. The test scenario also included drill-down into multiple levels from a table or chart within a dashboard. A maximum of 25,000 concurrent users were actively interacting and working in the system during the steady-state period.


The SPARC T4-4 server with 4 x 8-core 3.0 GHz SPARC T4 processors delivered the best performance of 25,000 concurrent BI EE users with an average response time of 0.36 seconds with Oracle BI Server Cache set to ON.

The single node configuration demonstrate the vertical scalability of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g (, deployed on a single SPARC T4-4 server.

The data presented in this document clearly shows that the underlying hardware, SPARC T4 server, and the BI EE 64-bit platform scales within a single system supporting 25,000 concurrent users while executing 415 transactions/sec.

The multi-threaded 64-bit Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g and Oracle SPARC T4-4 server proved to be a successful combination by providing sub-second response times for the end-user transactions, consuming only 52% of the available CPU resources at 25,000 concurrent user load, leaving more headroom for increased load.

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