SPARC T4 Servers Set World Record on Siebel CRM Benchmark


(As of Friday, 28 September 2012)

Oracle's SPARC T4-1 and T4-2 servers set a new world record using Siebel's Standard Platform Sizing and Performance Program (PSPP) benchmark suite on Oracle Solaris with Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Siebel CRM, the most widely used CRM application package.


The Siebel CRM 8.1.1 PSPP benchmark simulates real-world requirements of a large enterprise that has thousands of concurrent service representatives in a call center running Oracle's Siebel Finance Contact Center applications. Siebel Finance Contact Center provides a complete solution for sales and service, allowing customer service and telesales representatives to provide superior customer support, improve customer loyalty, and increase revenues through cross and up-selling. Siebel Order Management allows employees, such as sales people and call center agents, to create and manage quotes and orders throughout their entire lifecycle. Siebel Order Management can be tightly integrated with back office applications, allowing users to perform tasks such as checking credit, confirming availability, and monitoring order fulfillment process.


  • Oracle's solution achieved 29,000 Siebel concurrent users in this benchmark on SPARC T4-2 and SPARC T4-1 servers running the application and database tier, respectively, and utilizing Oracle Solaris.
  • The SPARC T4 server in the application tier was able to support 29,000 concurrent users with a throughput of 239,716 business transactions per hour.
  • The average response time for the Siebel Finance Contact Center portion was 0.161 seconds and for the Order Management services it was 0.92 seconds.
  • The benchmark demonstrates vertical and horizontal scalability of Siebel CRM Release on SPARC T4 servers.

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