SPARC T3-1 Server Shines on PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.0 (Day in the Life) Benchmark


(As of Monday, 20 September 2010)

Oracle's SPARC T3-1 server, running Oracle Weblogic Server and Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials, plus Oracle's Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server and Sun Storage F5100 Flash array running Oracle Database 11g R2, posted the first result on Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.0 (Day in the Life) benchmark using a large database model.

Completing a "Close-the-Books" process that consists of concurrent batch jobs and simulates 1,000 online users in 38.66 minutes, this solution showcases an ideal environment for enterprise-scale customers hosting Oracle's complex, multi-tier PeopleSoft applications for financial services.


The PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.0 benchmark reflects typical Day in the Life activities of a large enterprise where users and scheduled batch jobs must run concurrently. The benchmark measures batch performance during "Close-the-Books" process. The following PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials batch processes are included in the benchmark: Journal Generator, Allocation, Journal Edit & Post, Summary Ledger, Consolidations, SQR & nVision Reporting. Batch processes are run concurrently with more than 1,000 emulated users executing 30 pre-defined online transactions. Each one of these business transactions is weighted in the total mix that is intended to simulate typical user environment. The benchmark reports the total elapsed times it took to complete batch and batch with 1,000 online users jobs.


  • The SPARC T3-1 and Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers, combined with the Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array, posted the first world record result on the PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials 9.0 benchmark.
  • Oracle's solution processed online business transactions to support 1,000 concurrent users using 32 application server threads with compliant response times while simultaneously completing complex batch jobs. This is the first publication of this benchmark by any hardware vendor world-wide.
  • The SPARC T3-1 and Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers were able process online users and concurrent batch jobs simultaneously in 38.66 minutes on this benchmark, which reflects a complex, multi-tier environment and utilizes a large back-end database of nearly 1TB. Both the SPARC T3-1 and Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 servers used Oracle Solaris 10.
  • The SPARC T3-1 server hosted the web and application server tiers of this benchmark, providing good response times to emulated user requests, while the Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server running Oracle Database 11g R2 enabled very fast batch processing times. Both systems were lightly loaded, while running the maximum workload specified by the benchmark, providing room for future growth.
  • The Sun Storage F5100 Flash array is a high-performance, high-density, solid-state Flash array that provides ultra-low latencies compare to the traditional disk storage. The low read latency translated to excellent response times for emulated users. The Sun Storage F5100 Flash array was configured as several RAID0 volumes and data was distributed across the volumes, maximizing storage bandwidth and making the data quickly available to the database back-end.
  • The combination of PeopleSoft Enterprise Financials/SCM, PeopleSoft Enterprise (PeopleTools) 8.49.23 and Oracle Tuxedo 9.1 RP36 with Jolt 9.1 running on the SPARC T3-1 server and the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 running on the Sun SPARC Enterprise M5000 server with the Sun Storage F5100 Flash array, form an ideal environment for hosting complex multi-tier applications and should be pertinent to customers running PeopleSoft financial applications.

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