Top-of-the-Line Sun SPARC Enterprise M9000 Server Powered by SPARC64 VII 2.52GHz Processor Outruns Top-of-the-Line POWER6-Based IBM Power 595 Server on Integer Throughput


(As of Tuesday, 14 April 2009)

Oracle’s Sun Fire X2270 server is perfect for dense technical computing installations and comes with the necessary credentials, like the x86 world record on a large problem set of the SPEC OMP2001 benchmark, which includes high-energy physics, weather modeling, and computational chemistry workloads.


The SPEC OMP benchmark represents workloads consists of medium and large problem sets that stress the computer's processor, memory, compilers and OpenMP implementation.


  • On the large problem set, which was designed for measuring and comparing systems with higher number of processing cores, the Sun Fire X2270 server, equipped with two Intel Xeon X5570 processors and running OpenSolaris 2008.1 with Oracle Solaris Studio 12 Update 1 compiler software, posted the best x86 result.
  • The Sun Fire X2270 server (8 cores/2 chips/16 OMP threads) delivered a SPECompL2001 result of 254,318.
  • Oracle utilized the freely available community-based version of the OS — OpenSolaris. Additionally, freely available Oracle Solaris Studio compiler software that includes the latest features and capabilities specifically optimized for this particular architecture, was instrumental in achieving this groundbreaking result.

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