Sun Fire X4270 Server and Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Deliver Best Single-Node Performance for ABAQUS/Standard I/O-Intensive Benchmarks


(As of Friday, 09 October 2009)

In single-node runs, Oracle’s Sun Fire X4270 server with 74GB memory and Oracle’s Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array beat the leading posted results from an HP BL460c G6 with striped SAS drives in an XFS file system on the S4B test (20G).


The ABAQUS V6.9-1 "Standard" Module Test "S4B" is nonlinear static model of a cylinder head bolted to an engine block. Three versions of this benchmark are provided: a version using a smaller model (700,000 DOF) with a low iteration count, a version using a larger model (5,000,000 DOF) model with a low iteration count, and a version using the smaller model but with a higher iteration count. These three models are used to demonstrate that as a general rule parallel scaling in Abaqus/Standard improves as either the model size or the number of iterations increases.


Competitive Comparisons Table

Hardware Performance
Sun Fire X4270 server and Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array 1970 Seconds
HP BL460c G6 2062 Seconds

The Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array provides nominally up to 15% improvement in performance even when using the maximum possible amount of memory, which also contributes to performance improvement by allowing for more I/O to be cached to memory.

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