Sun Fire X4270 Server Is the Industry's Fastest Web Server


(As of Tuesday, 14 April 2009)

Oracle’s Sun Fire X4270 server posted a world record on the SPECweb2005 benchmark, the industry-standard measure of Web-server performance. Based on Intel Xeon architecture,  the system outperformed all competitive Web servers while consuming less power, making it an ultimate solution for power- and space-constrained data centers. These leading performance and performance-per-watt results confirm the Sun Fire X4270 server as the highest performing and most efficient dual-socket platform for deployment of secure Web services.


SPECweb2005 is the industry-standard benchmark for evaluating Web server performance. The benchmark simulates multiple user sessions accessing a Web server and generating static and dynamic HTTP requests. The major features of SPECweb2005 are:

  • Measures simultaneous user sessions
  • Dynamic content: currently PHP and JSP implementations
  • Page images requested using 2 parallel HTTP connections
  • Multiple, standardized workloads: Banking (HTTPS), E-commerce (HTTP and HTTPS), and Support (HTTP)
  • Simulates browser caching effects
  • File accesses more accurately simulate today's disk access patterns


Competitive Comparisons Table

  Sun Fire X4270 HP ProLiant DL585 G5 HP ProLiant DL585 G5
Processor Intel Xeon X5570 Intel Xeon X5570 AMD Opteron 8389
Number of Processors 2 2 4
Number of Cores 8 8 16
System Memory (GB) 72 96 128
Power Consumption (Watts) 563 600 1040
Performance (Composite) 72,528 SPECweb2005 71,045 SPECweb2005 62,098 SPECweb2005
Performance/Watt (Higher is Better) 129 118 60
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server equipped with two 2.93GHz Intel Xeon X5570 processors outperformed a similarly equipped HP ProLiant DL 380 G6 server with more system memory on SPECweb2005.
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server had an average server power consumption of 563 watts during benchmark execution at a steady state. The Sun Fire X4270 server performance/watt was 9% better than HP ProLiant DL 380 G6 server.
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server delivers 17% better performance than the HP ProLiant DL585 G5 equipped with four 2.91 GHz Quad-core AMD 8389 processors.
  • When compared to HP ProLiant DL585 G5 server, the Sun Fire X4270 server performance/watt was 2x better.
  • Since SPECweb2005 benchmark is designed to measure Web server performance on the system under test (SUT), it does not consider any other equipment (like external storage) that was used to produce benchmark results. For a large number of supported user sessions, as in the case of the Sun Fire X4270 server result, storage represents a significant part of the overall solution. Oracle recognizes that fact and in the spirit of complete transparency discloses the power consumption for the external storage that was used in this test. Four of Oracle’s StorageTek 2540 arrays and four of Oracle’s StorageTek 2501 expansion units were used to produce this record-breaking score. Their average power consumption was 2607W.
  • On the software side, the solution used a best-of-breed approach, deploying Accoria Networks' Rock Web Server v1.4.7 software and Rock JSP/Servlet Container v1.3.2. script engine on top of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3 OS. The resulting performance further highlights Oracle’s ability to deliver the best performing servers, regardless of operating-system environments.
  • In summary, this world record benchmark result clearly demonstrates that the 2U Sun Fire X4270 server can support thousands of concurrent Web server sessions and is capable of delivering utmost performance and scalability.

Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Competitive data obtained from as of the date located next to the respective claim. See the Website for latest results. For comparison purposes, the terms CPU, chip, and processor are used interchangeably. Each socket can accommodate one chip.
HP DL 380 G6 power consumption of 600W was calculated as 80% of Max Rated Output Wattage Rating disclosed here HP DL 585 G5 power consumption of 1040W was calculated as 80% of Max Rated Output Wattage Rating disclosed here. Sun Fire X4270 server power consumption was measured during the benchmark run.

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