Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array Improves Sun Fire X4270 Server I/O Performance By Up To 2.1x When Running MSC/NASTRAN


(As of Friday, 09 October 2009)

One of the largest test cases in the MSC/NASTRAN MDR3 benchmark suite, xxocmd2_8, was run on Oracle’s Sun Fire X4270 server equipped with two Intel X5570 CPUs. The experiment was first performed using internal disk drives only, and then repeated using Oracle’s Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array.


These benchmark tests are representative of typical MSC/NASTRAN applications involving linear statics, nonlinear statics, and natural frequency extraction. The MD (Multi-Discipline) NASTRAN 2008 application performs both structural (stress) analysis and thermal analysis.


  • The Sun Fire X4270 server equipped with four RAID0 72GB 15K RPM internal drives posted the benchmark result of 958.81 seconds
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server equipped with a Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array with Flash Modules posted the benchmark time of 462.74 seconds
  • This is a 2.1x improvement in execution time for this particular benchmark test case.

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