Sun Fire X4270 Server Delivers Best Single System Result on 100GB TPC-H Benchmark


(As of Thursday, 10 December 2009)

Oracle’s Sun Fire X4270 server produced the best performance result on the TPC-H benchmark at 100GB scale factor for all non-clustered systems. Available on 12/04/2009, the Sun Fire X4270 server posted a score of 53,501.6 QphH@100GB with price/performance of US$1.14/QphH@100GB. The server’s unique "warehouse-in-a-box" solution takes up only 2RU of space and features Oracle’s Sun FlashFire storage technology to deliver the best two-socket TPC-H submission at 100GB scale factor.


The TPC-H benchmark was established by the Transaction Processing Council (TPC) to allow customers to evaluate the performance of various Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW) and Decision Support Systems (DSS) systems in conjunction with a standard database size, referred to as the scale factor (SF). The benchmark measures the combined performance of a particular database manager on a specific computer system at scale factors of 100GB, 300GB, 1000GB, 3000GB, 10000GB, and 30000GB, respectively. It also reports the composite TPC-H Query-per-Hour (QphH) performance metric, as well as the price/performance, which is the ratio of the total cost of solution, including hardware, software, and three-year maintenance costs, to the QphH.


  • As demonstrated by this result, the Sun Fire X4270 server creates the perfect symbiosis of state-of-the-art server and storage technologies at the departmental server level.
  • Innovative design of the Sun Fire X4270 server allows for substantial storage density with up to 16 disk drives in 2RU, making the server an ideal candidate for Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing (BIDW) and Decision Support Systems (DSS).
  • When combined with Oracle Solaris 10 and Sybase IQ 15 analytics server software, the Sun Fire X4270 offers an easy-to-manage solution for organizations seeking high-performance analytics and reporting platforms, making it ideal for BIDW and DSS tasks.
  • Powered by a pair of Intel Xeon X5570 processors, the server beat the HP DL 380 G6 server that was running Windows OS and Microsoft SQL server database by more than 4%. The Sun Fire X4270 server beat HP's result of 51,422.4 QphH@100GB with price/performance of US$1.07/QphH@100GB on a very similar hardware configuration (both used Intel X5570 systems with the TPC-H database residing on Flash storage). However, the Sun Fire X4270 server achieved its result with 17% less main memory (120GB versus 144GB) and roughly 1/3 the amount of Flash storage (256GB vs 720GB).
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server solution is one of a growing number of Flash memory- based TPC-H submissions. More importantly, unlike competing solutions, the Sun Fire X4270 server was able to use fewer solid-state disks (SSD’s) while providing RAID-protected data storage, thus demonstrating unbeatable space-performance (only 2U) and savings on system administration (single box). Oracle is the only vendor to produce "Data Warehouse-in-the-box" solutions using the TPC-H benchmark at any scale factor.
  • The Sun Fire X4270 server combines remarkable compute performance and outstanding storage density with data throughput of Sybase IQ 15 analytics server software, offering an unparalleled "Data Warehouse-in-a-box" solution that allows for compact organization of the data with a footprint that is 10 times smaller than that allowed by traditional databases.

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