Sun Blade X6270 Server Module Trumps Competition on Floating Point Performance


(As of Tuesday, 14 April 2009)

Oracle’s Sun Blade X6270 server module cuts through the competition to deliver the best-ever single-task floating point performance.

The compound effect of OpenSolaris and Oracle Solaris Studio 12 Update 1 compiler software running on Oracle’s next-generation Sun Blade modules results in a new world record result on SPECfp2006 benchmark, with a commanding 20 percent lead over the next best score.


The SPEC CPU2006 benchmark exercises a computer's processor, memory architecture, and compilers on a variety of real-world compute intensive workloads and consists of two benchmark suites. One suite measures and compares compute-intensive integer performance and the other measures and compares floating-point performance. For each of these suites, two metrics are collected: One measures how fast the computer completes a single task and the other measures how many tasks a computer can accomplish in a certain amount of time (the throughput).


  • Operating system (OS) and compiler software help to deliver the best performance by providing optimizations tailored to a specific hardware platform or microprocessor architecture. OpenSolaris and Oracle Solaris Studio 12 Update 1 compiler software, running on top of the latest Intel Xeon-based architecture, propelled the Sun Blade X6270 server module, equipped with two Intel Xeon X5570 processors (8 cores, 16 threads), to the top position with a SPECfp2006 result of 50.4.
  • Additionally, the SPECfp_base2006 score of 45.0 is better than all published highly optimized peak scores, proving the superiority of  Oracle’s software offerings and guaranteeing well-balanced performance to all types of users.
  • With this result, the Sun Blade X6270 server module clearly demonstrates the value of an open software stack, one that enables companies to explore the value and many advanced features of the community-developed open-source OS and award-winning compiler tools.

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