Sun Blade X6275 Cluster Delivers Outstanding Seismic Processing Results with Lustre File System


(As of Tuesday, 17 November 2009)

Oracle’s Sun Blade 6048 chassis with 12 of Oracle’s Sun Fire X6275 blade servers, interconnected via integrated InfiniBand QDR Host Channel Adapters (HCA) and Quad Data Rate Switched Network Express Modules (QNEM) and using the Lustre file system, delivered up to 20x performance improvement over traditional Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)/network file system configurations.


Reverse Time Migration (RTM) is the most popular seismic processing algorithm used in geophysical studies to produce quality images of complex substructures. It can accurately image steep dips that can not be imaged correctly with traditional Kirchhoff 3D or frequency domain algorithms.


Oracle’s Sun Blade systems offer a unique platform for customers looking to reduce their seismic processing time by a factor of two and significantly cut down initialization time.

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