Assisted Services Engagements

Oracle Advanced Customer Services can provide performance analysis of your Oracle Database. Performance is one of the keys to success in the introduction and operation of an SAP system; our specially trained staff not only knows the Oracle database in detail but they are also experts in the SAP environment. They can:

  • Analyze any performance problem and provide solutions—including index design, parameter optimization, ABAP optimization, or adaptation of operating system parameters
  • Address specific features of individual SAP solutions
  • Address performance problems in SAP ERP or BI systems


Oracle Advanced Customer Services can provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • High Availability Concepts- Leverage Oracle product features, within the SAP context, to help ensure that you have a reliable "high availability" solution. Techniques such as hardware clusters, mirror technologies, standby databases, RAC, and Data Guard can be evaluated and deployed in your environment.
  • Backup/Restore/Recovery Concepts— Leverage Oracle product features, within the SAP context, to help minimize downtime and to ensure that you have a reliable "Backup/Restore/Recovery" solution. Oracle Advanced Customer Services can assist in formulating, establishing, implementing, and testing your backup strategy.
  • Oracle Product Features— Deploy and maximize the impact from features such as RAC, Partitioning, and Data Guard. Our technical experts can advise on the unique requirements for deploying these features with SAP application software.
  • Best Practices— Gain the advantage of best practice techniques, drawn from Oracle Advanced Customer Services' continually expanding support experience across many SAP deployments.


Oracle Advanced Customer Services provides experts to assist in database and platform migrations.

  • Heterogeneous Database Migration— If you use a database other than Oracle and decide to migrate to the Oracle Database, we can provide engineers certified by SAP for database migrations.
  • Oracle to Oracle Transition— If you already run SAP on top of the Oracle Database, you may want to change your platform (hardware or operating system). An Oracle-to-Oracle (“O2O”) Transition Service, delivered globally by the Oracle SAP Support Services team, has been used in hundreds of SAP and non-SAP migrations worldwide. More recently, the same team has developed and delivers a new Oracle-to-Oracle Online (“Triple O”) Transition Service, which allows customers to migrate their database to a different operating system, hardware platform, or database release with a very short SAP system downtime of just a few minutes.