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Designed to deliver extreme performance to data warehousing, online transaction processing (OLTP), and mixed-load database applications, the Oracle Exadata Database Machine is tailor-made to improve SAP performance and manageability.

German Automotive Customer

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 We can now generate BW reports that were simply unheard of in our pre-Exadata days. And that’s a great thing. Not just for us in IT, but also for people in the user departments, whose satisfaction with BW has risen enormously. Exadata has unlocked an entirely new dimension of the application for them. 

A "data center in a box," The Exadata Database Machine is an easy-to-deploy system that includes all the hardware needed for running the Oracle Database. From there, it adds Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Oracle Grid Infrastructure, storage management tools, and administration software—and optimizes the entire system for extreme performance, mission-critical availability, and reliability.

Using Exadata in SAP Environments

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine is the perfect choice for SAP environments on several levels.

  • It delivers outstanding I/O and SQL processing performance for online transaction processing, (SAP ERP), business warehouse, (SAP BW) and consolidation of mixed workloads.
  • A massively parallel grid architecture using RAC and Exadata storage delivers extreme performance with linear I/O scalability, dramatically increasing data bandwidth between the database server and storage. Intensive query processing and data mining scoring are offloaded to storage servers, bringing processing closer to SAP data to improve query performance and concurrency.
  • All servers, storage, and networking components are pre-cabled in racks, and the complete package is pre-integrated and pre-tested, cutting weeks or months from deployment schedules. It cuts management and maintenance chores by simplifying tasks such as patching with single vendor bundled patch sets, and provides high availability and disaster recovery out of the box.
  • SAP customers can easily migrate their database to Exadata, which runs SAP applications unchanged. Depending on the source platform, the migration could be as smooth as an operating system platform upgrade.

Lion Corporation

Exadata and Lion Corporation

 We are vertically split – the person in charge at each business unit watches over everything from applications to hardware. By integrating our database with Oracle Exadata, we can now leave the database-layer to our central database administrator. 

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