Oracle IT Infrastructure for SAP Data Centers

Upgrading SAP on Oracle's Sun technology can help you to improve user productivity, consolidate workloads, and better utilize resources — resulting in dramatically reduced data center costs. Oracle's Sun Systems for SAP Business Application Solutions provide a methodology for upgrading existing SAP Business Suite applications with eco-efficient Sun servers, storage, the Oracle Solaris OS, and industry-leading virtualization technologies.

  • Complete Virtualization Portfolio—Oracle continues to work with SAP to integrate and certify its virtualization technologies with SAP Business Applications and the SAP Netweaver Platform. Oracle’s cross-platform virtualization management technology provisions and manages pools of resources that users can share and allocate to many SAP instances. Resource management features enable applications to use resources from other applications, bringing server usage close to 85% of capacity.
  • SAP on SPARC—Oracle's Sun SPARC servers feature industry leading consolidation and virtualization capabilities to deliver 24/7 mission-critical services while reducing power, cooling, and space requirements. Sun SPARC processor-based systems are fully scalable, offering everything from blades and rackmount servers to large-scale systems.
  • Record SAP Performance—The combination of Oracle's Sun servers and the Oracle Solaris OS yields proven performance advances, setting dozens of performance and price/performance world records on a wide range of benchmarks.


  • Lower cost and complexity—Improve productivity and system utilization rates through virtualization and consolidation
  • Better service levels—Increase capacity, performance, and availability with the Oracle Solaris OS and eco-efficient systems
  • Reduced risk and faster deployment—Oracle offers a comprehensive suite of SAP services and solutions for building optimal SAP architectures
  • Increased security—Powerful hardware and software features that deliver secure solutions and minimize risk
  • Flexibility—Oracle offers a choice of SPARC T4, CMT, and Sun SPARC Enterprise platforms that can help pair SAP modules with the optimal architecture for specific workloads
  • Better Choice—Only Oracle offers vertically-integrated, enterprise x86 solutions with built-in virtualization that can be deployed as a single system. Used in the Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle's highly scalable x86 rackmount servers and x86 blades can include Oracle VM Server and your choice of Oracle Linux or Oracle Solaris.

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