Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The integrated solution of Oracle Waveset software and SAP BusinessObjects Access Control provides complete visibility throughout the enterprise to help meet IT governance and regulatory requirements.

The scalability of Oracle Waveset software provisioning, combined with the risk analysis and remediation of the SAP BusinessObjects Access Control, is designed to prevent the chaos that can ensue from cross-application provisioning conflicts. This solution provides:

  • End-to-end, automated, continuous security and compliance
  • Real-time user risk analysis and management
  • Enterprise-wide and centralized auditing and reporting
  • Cross-platform, cross-process, and cross-function compliant identity management
  • Compliance for ERP and across the enterprise
  • Reduced risk, time, and cost of compliant user provisioning
  • Compliant user provisioning processes


  • The user's enterprise role is set up or automatically detected in an authoritative source
  • The user's virtual identity is created, tying to accounts, entitlements, and authorization across the enterprise
  • Risk analysis is performed to check for segregation of duties (SoD) or privileged access violations
  • Mitigating controls are provided through automated workflow
  • A role is assigned to the user in the ERP system
  • User accounts are automatically provisioned or deprovisioned across the enterprise
  • The entire process is monitored and reports are created for auditable evidence
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