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SAP supports Oracle Solaris, the most strategic platform available for today’s demanding enterprise, as well as Oracle Linux and Linux environments on Oracle servers, as operating system platforms for both database servers and SAP application server installations.

In the face of diminishing budgets, SAP customers require high-availability solutions to operate effectively in a 24/7 global economy characterized by continuous security demands. A strategic platform for SAP applications, SAP NetWeaver solutions running on Oracle Solaris or Oracle Linux can help IT organizations to deliver dynamic business solutions much more effectively.

Oracle Solaris for SAP

Hardware Certification Information

Solaris is the ideal cross-platform choice for customers looking to cut costs and simplify system administration while maintaining high service levels. Innovative, built-in features deliver a number of advantages:

  • Flexibility. Oracle Solaris is an enterprise-class operating system that runs on both commodity x86 hardware and Oracle’s SPARC processor-based servers. Oracle Solaris draws on built-in binary compatibility to increase system utilization through scalability, consolidation, and virtualization. In fact, Oracle’s virtualization technologies make it possible to virtualize SAP instances and draw from an underlying pool of dynamically managed, heterogeneous resources.
  • Price/performance. Oracle Solaris is ideal for applications such as SAP that require high-performance systems, massive threading and batch processing, high I/O rates, and large memory-addressing capabilities at an attractive price point.
  • Reliability. Oracle servers feature hot-swappable, redundant components and can leverage powerful Oracle Solaris capabilities such as Predictive Self Healing, Oracle Solaris Fault Manager, and Oracle Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) to maximize SAP uptime. In addition, you can minimize downtime for SAP upgrades using a combination of Oracle Solaris Zones and Oracle Solaris ZFS. High availability and disaster recovery are possible with Oracle Solaris Cluster and with Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition.
  • Security. As more employees, customers, suppliers, and partners access SAP NetWeaver’s collaborative environment, the need for security increases, further driven by regulations governing data integrity. Oracle continues its 20-plus year commitment to building security into the operating system with capabilities that include user and process rights management, role-based access control, secure execution, and an integrated firewall.
  • Complete stack. Oracle hardware and software engineers work together to ensure that Oracle applications, database, and middleware are integrated and optimized with compute, storage, networking, and operating system resources. The result is extreme performance, unique features, built-in robustness, exceptional security, and seamless integration of operating system, hardware and application software. In the event of a problem, support is delivered from a single enterprise for faster resolution.
  • Platform optimization. Oracle engineers continue to optimize the operating system for various hardware platforms, leveraging innovations for eco-efficiency found in both SPARC and x86 processor-based servers. These improvements enhance the performance of SAP solutions on Oracle Solaris. The latest generation of Oracle servers powered by intelligent processors adapt to application behavior by automatically adjusting processing power to deliver optimum performance, scalable energy use to the workload, and best-in-class virtualization. With a full line of SPARC and x86 systems—all running Oracle Solaris—Oracle platforms can help enterprises take advantage of the best technology to handle multitier enterprise SAP workloads.

SAP supports the following databases on Oracle Solaris platforms:

  • Oracle Database
  • IBM DB2
  • SAP MaxDB/Sybase

Oracle Linux for SAP

Oracle Linux is certified by SAP on x86 64 (Intel, AMD) hardware. Both the Red Hat-compatible kernel and the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel are supported. Oracle Linux can be used as an operating system platform for database server as well as for SAP Application Server installations. Oracle Linux is a supported OS platform for Oracle Database 11g Release 2. Single-instance and Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) implementations are possible. Oracle Cloud File System can be used as storage platform.

If SAP runs on Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Linux is also a supported platform for SAP Application Server and SAP applications (Unicode versions only, NetWeaver 7.0x or higher).

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