Oracle IT Infrastructure Solutions
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Deploying SAP applications on Oracle platforms delivers end-to-end SAP infrastructure solutions that improve productivity and performance, increase system utilization, and create an eco-friendly data center.

Upgrading SAP on Oracle’s Systems technology can improve user productivity, consolidate workloads, and better utilize resources—resulting in dramatically reduced data center costs. Oracle’s eco-optimized IT infrastructure for SAP data center solutions provides a methodology for upgrading existing SAP Business Suite applications with eco-efficient Sun servers and storage; Oracle Solaris and Oracle Linux operating systems; and industry-leading virtualization technologies.

Oracle’s Infrastructure Stack for SAP Data Centers

Oracle's SPARC T5 and M5 ServersOracle's SPARC T7 and M7 Servers Set New World Records for SAP SD Benchmark

Read more about the T7-2 and M7 benchmark (PDF) >

Oracle’s integrated infrastructure stack — consisting of servers and storage, operating systems, database software, middleware, networking, and built-in virtualization features — is optimized to deliver agility, scalability, reliability, and performance to SAP applications. While each layer of this technology stack is leading edge in its own right, all layers are optimized and tested to work together with ease.

The complete stack is validated to streamline solution deployment. From server and storage systems with intelligent automation to built-in virtualization technologies, database, and management software that are integrated throughout all levels, Oracle IT infrastructure helps enterprises address the challenges of business process optimization.

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Oracle's SPARC T5 and M5 ServersOracle Solaris Cluster 3.3, Cluster 4.x, and Clusterware certified by SAP for integration with SAP NetWeaver

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