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The Oracle Database is the #1 database among SAP customers around the globe, with a large customer base that gains long-term cost benefits from the two companies’ integrated technologies. Organizations can run SAP applications with Oracle databases on the same code base on Unix, Linux, and Windows operating systems.

Oracle Database 12c for SAP Certification Status

Oracle Database 12c (including Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c and Oracle Real Application Clusters 12c) is certified for NetWeaver-based SAP products.

Oracle Database 12c for SAP Certification Roadmap

Phase 1 (completed in March  2015):

To ensure sufficient overlap with Oracle Database 11g, SAP has certified Oracle Database, thereby breaking the "terminal release" custom (certification of Oracle Database release x.2, no certification of release x.1) valid for previous releases. This initial certification (base certification) did not include major new options.

Phase 2 (completed in June 2015):

For implementation details see the white paper Using SAP NetWeaver with Oracle Database In-Memory (PDF)

Phase 3 (completed in December 2015):

For implementation details see the white paper Using SAP NetWeaver with Oracle Database 12c Automatic Data Optimization and Information Lifecycle Management (PDF)

Phase 4 (planned for CY 2016):

For more information: Oracle Database 12c for SAP–Roadmap and Base Certification Features (PDF) (extract from Oracle for SAP Technology Update 2015).

SAP BW Flat Cubes with Oracle Database In-Memory

As of February 29, 2016, the data modeling technique originally called HANA-Optimized InfoCubes by SAP has been made available for customers running SAP BW on Oracle Database as Flat InfoCubes or simply Flat Cubes. The technology can now be tested by pilot customers, and we are looking for customers willing to work with us.

Benefits for customers:

  • Cost saving through higher performance and optimized integration of SAP BW and Oracle Database 12c technologies
  • Simplified data modeling and remodeling
  • Faster data loads
  • Performance improvements for queries accessing large amounts of data

System Requirements:

  • SAP BW 7.40 with SP14
  • Oracle Database with SAP Database Bundle Patch November 2015 or February 2016
  • Oracle Database In-Memory
  • Oracle Partitioning (general requirement for SAP BW on Oracle Database)

Additional Requirements:

  • Customer number must be provided in order to enable access to SAP Note 2285514
  • Must implement enhancements/corrections specified in SAP Note 2285514
  • Remote access by Oracle/SAP development must be possible

If your customer is willing to test this new feature, please contact:

Benchmark Results Reveal the Benefits of Oracle Database In-Memory for SAP Applications

Using the SAP BW-EML benchmark Oracle has proved Oracle Database 12c with the Oracle Database In-Memory option outperforms SAP HANA by a factor of 2X on the same Intel processor for SAP workloads.


A new white paper provides an overview of the benchmark, benchmark results achieved, and the unique database technologies used. The document ON STATEMENT REFRESH for Materialized Views (PDF) describes the refresh technology of Oracle Database 12c.

SAP Core Data Services for Oracle Database

With the most recent SAP NetWeaver version released in September 2014 and in accordance with SAP's "commitment to openness and innovation," SAP has begun to provide an Oracle-specific implementation of SAP's Core Data Services (CDS). This will allow SAP applications and application developers to push application functionality down to the database, i.e. to call procedures stored in the Oracle Database.

Oracle Database 11g

With the release of Oracle Database 11g Release 2, SAP customers benefit from innovative features such as self-tuning database components, sophisticated partitioning schemes, and data compression that enables high performance, greater scalability, and optimal hardware resource allocation for enterprise applications. Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Enterprise Edition comes with a wide range of options to extend the world’s #1 database to help fuel business growth and meet your users' performance, security, and availability service-level expectations.

By deploying Oracle Database 11g Release 2 within their IT architecture, SAP customers can reduce server and storage costs, eliminate idle redundancy, and improve quality of service. Learn how Oracle Database features and options provide distinct benefits to organizations deploying SAP:

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