Oracle Real-Time Scheduler

The Oracle Real-Time Scheduler features a best-of-breed, modular, configurable design that allows you to choose the right components that meet your unique business requirements. The highly configurable nature of ORS enables it to be deployed in a broad range of supply chain sectors such as Home Delivery, Field Service and Facilities Management.

From capacity planning, through vehicle, technician and customer scheduling, to dispatch management and mobile operations, Oracle Real-Time Scheduler can help you take your service delivery business to the next level of operational efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Increase Operations and Dispatch Management efficiency through better planning tools and automation of many field and resource communications tasks.
  • Increase resource efficiency through better distribution of workload, minimizing mileage driven and optimally redistributing jobs within the day based on real-time updates.
  • "One-touch" scheduling and proactive exception management to minimize late arrivals and customer notifications.


  • Choose a deployment option in the cloud, on premise or a hybrid model that best suits your business strategy, cost, technology and timeline needs
  • Accommodate your business objectives, such as prioritizing emergency jobs, automatically notifying customers of cancellations, and efficiently rescheduling their service delivery appointments
  • Get a real-time view into which mobile resources are currently available and where they are located, for booking service or delivery appointments while customers are on the phone
  • Minimize travel time to save fuel costs and vehicle wear and tear
  • Assign field technicians to service calls according to their specific skills and qualifications
  • Report on the status of deliveries and service calls in real time, so you can keep customers informed of any delays or cancellations
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