Oracle Systems Optimization Support

Oracle Systems Optimization Support offers assistance with a wide range of operational tasks and change efforts associated with Oracle hardware and software.

Service Names Features
Oracle Standard System Installation Comprehensive, system installation including site audit, installation and configuration planning documentation, testing and handover
Complete testing of hardware, network and operating system functionality and documentation of all installed components
Oracle Standard Software Installation and Configuration Comprehensive software installation and tailored configuration using Oracle best practices
Complete testing, validation, and documentation for all installed components
Oracle Preproduction Readiness Review Assess overall supportability and readiness of deployment approach, including migration plan, backup plan and test plans
Review your support plan and provide insight on how to leverage Oracle Premier Support and assist with setup of Oracle Support tools, including Oracle Configuration Manager and Auto Service Request
Deliver final report and recommendations
Oracle Configuration Review and Recommendations Analyze current environment and establish target configuration based on customer operational objectives and relevant Oracle best practices
Perform gap analysis and identify risks using Oracle diagnostic tools and knowledge, and deliver final findings report
Oracle High Availability Review and Recommendations Identify and document current availability and backup practices
Review existing application availability requirements and analyze organization's ability to meet them based on current practices
Identify risks and recommend actions required to meet availability needs
Oracle Capacity Planning Review and Recommendations Review existing configuration, and establish sizing and available capacity for the covered technologies
Gather data for key capacity and utilization metrics; including an analysis of peak period consumption
Analyze utilization & consumption trends using statistical model and project future capacity risks
Oracle Advanced Support Knowledge Workshop Leverage Oracle's expertise to gain targeted knowledge for your specific needs
Tailored webinar content delivered to enhance your knowledge of the product to accelerate product adoption and ROI
On-site mentoring to maximize the experience
Oracle Performance Review and Recommendations Collect and analyze performance data to identify system load patterns and potential bottlenecks
Review key performance metrics, and document and review findings and recommendations
Oracle Go-Live Support Oracle Advanced Support Delivery Manager reviews deliverables and discusses your go-live plan and schedule
Deliver operational readiness review focused on IT processes and a deployment review focused on business and project KPIs
Oracle Support plan to stay on high alert for go-live and a dedicated on-site or remote support if needed. Deliver final report and recommendations
Oracle Production Diagnostic Review and Recommendations Conduct a comprehensive system health-check and identify risks associated with serviceability, configuration, stability and performance factors
Perform deep-dive diagnostics for identified high-risk issues and conduct a review of findings and recommendations
Oracle Patch Review and Installation Oracle Advanced Support Engineers review and analyze patch inventory to identity gaps and potential conflicts
Build tailored patch bundles and assist with the deployment of those patches
Oracle System Relocation Origin to destination relocation of IT infrastructures, for Oracle and non-Oracle brand assets
Planning and project execution performed by Oracle systems specialists including de-installation, packaging, transportation and installation with continuous support coverage
Maximize Performance with Advanced Support
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