Lifecycle Support Services Offerings

Maximize Availability for your Database Environment

Oracle Advanced Customer Support offers Oracle Lifecycle Support Services to help you with migration, consolidation, load testing of a planned technology change, or performance tuning of your Oracle database environment.


Overview and Benefits

Faster Adoption with Advanced Support Expertise
Advanced Support from the Cloud

Primarily delivered through the Oracle Advanced Support Cloud, Oracle Lifecycle Support Services combine the latest automated technology, interactive tools and advanced support expertise to deliver a well defined outcome for a your unique Oracle goals.

Benefits include:

  • Accelerate adoption and return on investment
  • Reduce downstream risk
  • Optimize performance and reliability
  • Maximize availability

Oracle Migration Service

The Oracle Migration Service uses automation to help customers plan, validate and migrate all database content—quickly and effectively. It assesses your environment, identifies any issues that need to be resolved before a migration can take place, and runs multiple test runs before migrating database content. All of this happens in a matter of days and not the weeks or even months that you may expect from a typical migration.

Oracle Consolidation Planning Service

The Oracle Consolidation Planning Service quickly helps you identify the most optimal consolidation and migration scenarios when considering an Oracle database migration or a consolidation onto an Oracle hardware platform or engineered system. This service assesses current configurations, workloads, patch levels, security requirements and more to deliver a comprehensive consolidation plan with detailed projections and actionable recommendations to lower migration or consolidation risk.

Video: Lifecycle Support Services: Fast Migration/Consolidation (3:25)

Oracle Performance Tuning and Benchmarking Service

Oracle Performance Tuning and Benchmarking Service helps you maintain consistent, optimal performance of critical databases for twelve months through quarterly assessments and monitoring of key performance metrics to proactively identify issues with database performance. Database experts provide recommendations based on industry standards, Oracle best practices and a vast portfolio of customer experiences with similar configuration and usage scenarios, and select database performance issues are addressed through a fixed number of tuning days.

Oracle Load Testing and Analysis Service

Oracle Load Testing and Analysis Service helps you increase uptime, lower cost and reduce risk by providing a comprehensive testing solution to evaluate the impact of a planned technology change on database performance and to identify and address issues before go-live. The service delivers comprehensive testing for database issues and detailed analysis reports with findings and recommendations from load testing experts. Reports include a SQL and Oracle database workload analysis to evaluate performance before and after a change.

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