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As an Oracle Premier Support customer, your organization has access to a wealth of powerful tools, resources, and knowledge which can help you manage your applications and technology more proactively to achieve greater business success. Now with Oracle Support's "Get Proactive!" initiative, understanding and implementing current best practices has never been easier.

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Taking Full Advantage of Oracle Premier Support

Oracle invests heavily in enterprise support and ongoing innovation and delivers complete hardware and software coverage through our world-class support personnel and technologies. By working with Oracle or an Oracle-authorized service provider, you can also benefit from our experience supporting Oracle's global customer base—experience that enables us to offer valuable knowledge and actionable advice regarding the successful use of Oracle products across different solution configurations, business processes, and industries.

Specifically, the "Get Proactive!" initiative provides guidance related to three important customer objectives:

  • Prevent: Maintain optimal system health and performance and prevent known problems from impacting operations.
  • Resolve: Rapidly identify and resolve issues to minimize or negate downtime and free up resources for critical projects.
  • Upgrade: Remove risk and time from the upgrade process, enabling cost savings and faster adoption of new product capabilities.

Information regarding recommended tools, resources and practices is organized by objective and by product and is provided through My Oracle Support. Oracle customers are already seeing the benefits of adopting a more proactive approach, so we invite you to learn more by reviewing the overview resources on this page and taking one of the next steps outlined to the right.

Customer Success Stories


"With the proactive support capabilities available through My Oracle Support—integrated into Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c—we have vastly improved our Oracle Database management. We have improved response times by more than 50% and are much more proactive, fixing issues before they become a problem for our customers."

Peter O'Brien, Manager of Technology and Infrastructure Services, Oracle Competence Centre, Vodafone Group plc
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Erlanger Health System

"Oracle Premier Support helps maintain our systems by providing us with the technical support expertise we need to focus on our hospital and health services. My Oracle Support gives us access to proactive support and tools, such as critical patches and upgrades."

Bernadette Dorris, Financial System Manager, Erlanger Health System
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The Business Value of Oracle Proactive Support Services

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