Legacy Empirix e-TEST suite License Keys

Supported versions 8.0, 8.1, and 8.2 of legacy Empirix e-TEST suite (now Oracle Application Test Suite) products require a license key.

By downloading and using this license key, you are certifying that you either (i) have a signed agreement for production use of e-TEST suite software entered into by you and Empirix/Oracle, or (ii) that you have licensed additional licenses for the software from Oracle.

While this key may remove the restrictions that allow access to products, it does not authorize you to deploy the products for production other than what you licensed for such use. All license terms and restrictions specified in your Agreement and ordering documents / order forms remain in full force and effect.


Download the file e-TESTsuite_8x_MasterLicense.zip. After you download the zip file, extract and copy the e-TESTsuite_8.x_MasterLicense.lic file to the \Licenses directory on the client machine that will run the software. The Licenses directory is usually c:\Empirix\[Name of product]\Licenses. Once the appropriate file is copied, you can begin using the licensed applications.

Please note this license is not locked to any machine, so the previous concept of node lock and floating licenses does not apply. No floating license servers will be required. This file should simply be copied to the directory specified above for any and all machines on which e-TEST suite is to be installed.

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