Oracle Auto Service Request

Oracle Auto Service Request is a secure, customer-installable support feature that automatically generates a service request for specific hardware faults. The software, available as a feature of the Oracle hardware warranty and Oracle Premier Support for Systems, can improve system availability through expedited diagnostics and priority service request handling.

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  • Enhance business value—Using automated service request generation, Oracle Auto Service Request improves system availability at no additional cost.
  • Resolve problems faster—Electronic diagnostic data, automated service request generation and parts dispatch, and priority service request handling speed the diagnostic and resolution process.
  • Lower operations costs—Reduce IT staff hours dedicated to remediation by eliminating the need to initiate contact with Oracle Support for hardware faults.
  • Resolve security concerns—Auto Service Request for Sun Systems includes only the fault telemetry data needed to solve problems, requiring no incoming internet connections or remote access mechanism.


Leverage Realize: Benefit from Experience and Success
Key feature included in your product warranty or valid Oracle or Sun support plan
  • Improved service experience
  • Higher business value from your investment
Sun's proven track record with tens of thousands of hardware customers, as well as built-in support capabilities with new Oracle products
  • High-value, built-in innovation enables you to resolve issues quickly and keep IT operations running effectively and efficiently
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Easier and safer to adopt product upgrades and enhancements that continue delivering new functionality
Automated service request generation capability for Oracle servers and storage systems
  • Expedited diagnostic process results in fewer phone calls and reduced support costs
  • Faster time to resolution
  • Improved availability, reduced downtime
Simple installation that you control, including features like outbound-only communications; telemetry sent locally
  • Securely transmit fault telemetry to Oracle
  • Audit and control software behavior
  • Integration within monitoring tools
  • Reduced risk
  • Enhanced security
  • Customer choice and control
Resolve System Issues Faster: Oracle Auto Service Request

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