Complete Support for Oracle Engineered Systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions

Complete, Integrated Stack Support

Oracle hardware and software are not only engineered to work together, they are engineered to be maintained, updated, and supported together. Oracle Premier Support provides fully integrated system support with a single point of accountability and qualifying customers can receive the enhanced coverage of Oracle Platinum Services for no additional cost.


Optimized Performance at Every Level of the Integrated Stack

Oracle is uniquely qualified to provide the highest level of service for all of your Oracle solutions, providing the essential services and resources your business needs to maintain IT availability, increase operational efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.

  • Consistent, 24/7 coverage across all Oracle hardware and software elements, enabled by complete alignment of underlying Oracle support offerings: Oracle Premier Support for Systems and Oracle Premier Support for Software
  • A single point of accountability and service featuring award-winning technical support and rapid onsite hardware service, essential software updates, and proactive support best practices
  • Integrated support delivered by one global service organization and one online support interface: My Oracle Support
  • One source of product updates, enhancements, and configuration recommendations for the complete solution
  • Enhanced support for qualifying configurations through Oracle Platinum Services at no additional cost

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Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle Platinum Services

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Customer Success Stories

Gunsan City Hall

Oracle Premier Support provided assistance during the stabilization period, ensuring that any issues were identified and resolved before a system crash occurred. Gunsan City Hall was impressed by the speed at which Oracle support technicians solved problems, as well as Oracle’s commitment to providing end-to-end virtual computing solutions.

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