My Oracle Support

Streamline success across your entire Oracle stack. Adopt Oracle Proactive Support to benefit from health services, intelligent fault management and timely, personalized advice—all part of your Oracle Premier Support subscription.

My Oracle Support uses proactive, preventative tools to keep your systems, software, and applications running smoothly. Ask questions and collaborate real-time with industry peers and Oracle experts. Find answers by searching an extensive knowledge base. Log and track service requests faster and more efficiently.


Expert advice and knowledge management -- Stay up-to-date on the latest product updates and best practices, and collaborate with others

Complete lifecycle management -- Manage product lifecycles easily, from installation to upgrades

Proactive problem diagnosis and resolution -- Prevent most problems from occurring; immediately treat and triage when issues arise

Configuration management – Healthchecks based on your unique configuration and patch advice to help prevent problems before they affect your running environment are automatically generated when you log your configurations with Oracle Configuration Manager (also called the Collector in My Oracle Support).


  • Proactive Support
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My Oracle Support