Oracle Services Tools Bundle for Sun Systems

Install a consolidated package of key service applications for Oracle Sun systems in one easy download

Oracle Services Tools Bundle for Sun Systems is a self-extracting installer bundle that supports the Oracle Solaris operating system and architecture, enabling customers to get more value from Oracle Premier Support for Systems or a valid Sun support plan.


  • Expedite problem diagnosis and resolution. Oracle service engineers and customers proactively diagnose and solve problems and prevent future issues.
  • Easy installation of all the latest tools. This self-extracting installer wraps underlying components in a smart installer while supporting the Oracle Solaris operating system and architecture.


Oracle Explorer Data Collector
  • A collection of shell scripts and binary executables gathers information and creates a detailed snapshot of Oracle Sun system configurations and states
  • Output enables Oracle engineers to assess Sun systems by applying the output against a knowledge-based rules engine
  • Obtains information related to drivers, patches, recent system event history, and log file entries from the Oracle Explorer Data Collector output
Oracle Lightweight Availability Collection Tool
  • Lightweight, stand-alone tool allows the user to track system availability data such as boot, panic, and halt events
  • Transports availability data via existing Oracle Explorer Data Collector transport
  • Installed on each Oracle Solaris operating system instance and enabled for Oracle's SPARC- and x86-based Sun system architectures, as well as Oracle Solaris containers and zones
  • Designed to simplify Oracle's availability collection process for Sun systems and accommodate customer network and security policies
Oracle Remote Diagnostic Agent
  • A unified package of support diagnostics tools and preventive solutions that collects essential system information
  • Data captured provides Oracle Support with a comprehensive picture of the customer's environment, which aids in problem diagnosis
  • Diagnostic output does not modify systems in any way and can minimize the requirement for follow-up questions from Oracle Support that may delay problem resolution
  • Able to mask sensitive information like IP addresses, hosts, domain, user and group names
Oracle Serial Number in EEPROM
  • Easy serial number and asset retrieval for Sun systems
  • Enables equipment life cycle management
  • Changes logged to system log for audit compliance
  • Simplifies system administration by requiring serial number when opening service request
  • Information communicated to Oracle via Oracle Explorer Data Collector and Oracle Service Tags
Oracle Service Tags
  • Enable auto-discover and bulk registration of Sun software and hardware assets
  • Allow reporting of static product data, vendor information, and versions, among others
  • Upload data to Oracle's Sun Inventory Channel or store locally
  • Embedded in many of Oracle's software products


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