Oracle Public Cloud

The Oracle Public Cloud is an enterprise cloud for business. The Oracle Public Cloud offers self-service business applications delivered on an integrated development and deployment platform with tools to rapidly extend and create new services. With predictable subscription pricing, the Oracle Public Cloud delivers instant value and productivity for end users, administrators, and developers. The fully managed environment is built using the award-winning Oracle Exadata, Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Database, and Oracle WebLogic Server products. It provides built-in identity management, high availability, elasticity, backup, and monitoring to enable secure and scalable applications. With open Java and SQL standards at the core, enterprises can finally leverage existing IT skill sets and avoid lock-in of their business applications in the cloud.


  • Complete and integrated—Offers an integrated suite of best-in-class, easy-to-use business application, enterprise social networking, and platform services
  • Highly secure and reliable—Benefits from Oracle's history of world-class data security and high availability technologies backed by over a decade of enterprise cloud delivery
  • Based on open standards—Leverages open Java and SQL standards; applications that run in our cloud are highly extensible and portable to other clouds
  • Lower, predictable costs—Monthly, subscription-based pricing and service elasticity provide “pay for usage” with no upfront investment


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Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services that lower costs, reduce risk, accelerate business value, and increase scalability. For more information about Oracle’s cloud services:

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