IPv6 Compliance

Every device or node that runs on the internet has an address. But the current Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) has just 32 bits of addressing—or 4 billion addresses, and that address space is almost exhausted. The explosive adoption of mobile devices, cloud computing, and internet connected consumer electronics has accelerated address consumption. To meet this challenge the computer industry needs to move to the next version of internet addressing known as IPv6. With IPv6, the address space for internet devices is expanded to 128 bits, which adds support for about 3.4×1038 addresses (or 340 billion, billion, billion, billion addresses).

What does this mean for customers?

Support for IPv4 access will continue while the industry works to adopt IPv6. Plans include the deployment of a dual-stack IPv6/IPv4 approach to support existing environments and deliver content to next-generation solutions. Much of Oracle's product portfolio is already IPv6 enabled including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Oracle Database 11g, Java, Oracle E-Business Suite, MySQL, and many more products. We understand your interest in knowing more about Oracle's IPv6 compliance, so please refer to the following resources for more information and refer back to this web page for updates.


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