Java Embedded

Embedded Java Technology Enables the Internet of Things (IoT)

Develop highly functional, reliable, portable, and secure solutions for small to large embedded devices. Reduce costs, improve product quality, and speed time to market with Java.

  • Oracle’s Embeddable Java
  • Oracle’s Embeddable Java
  • Oracle’s Embeddable Java
  • Oracle’s Embeddable Java
Feature Benefit
Java Technology
  • One of the most popular application platforms on the planet
  • Offers proven longevity of the platform and ongoing investment in future development
  • Delivers a vibrant developer ecosystem fueled by powerful tools, books, libraries, code samples, and more
  • Cuts TCO
Consistent Runtime Environments
  • Java runtime spans from Java SE on the server to Java Card, and supports a consistent language and set of developer tools
Optimized for Embedded
  • Java for embedded devices includes support for key requirements such as embedded processor support, power management, small-footprint deployments, and more
High- Performance, Portable Applications
  • Achieves native performance while providing portability across a range of embedded processors and operating systems
  • Enables greater choice of hardware, and greater control over bill of materials
Proven Security Model
  • Delivers an advanced, highly secure application environment that is ideal for network-based applications
Java-Enabled Flexible Service Platform
  • Extends device lifetime with new features and support upgrades in the field, including controlled and secure over-the-air software provisioning
Free Developer Tools
  • A variety of tools for development are provided free of charge for Java embedded development
Reduced Risk
  • Wide availability of Java resources, technologies, and solutions
Enables Internet-of-Things Technology
  • Addresses key embedded pain-points by being platform-independent, highly productive, and secure
  • Enables vast amounts of data to be collected and analyzed across the full spectrum of devices that are connected to the cloud/Internet
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