Java TV

Global Platform Leader for Interactive Digital TV Content

Provides a performant, mature platform for TV and media-based client devices, enabling the development of compelling, interactive Java applications for Blu-ray Disc players, TVs, set top boxes, and more.

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Feature Benefit
High Performance, Optimized, and Tuned Runtime for Consumer Devices

Designed and optimized for resource-constrained devices

Global Standards Support

Fully compliant with and adopted by global TV standards including GEM, MHP, BD-J, tru2way, Ginga-J

Mature, Secure, Robust Technology Platform

Built on the Java ME platform, which has been deployed on more than 100 million television devices worldwide

Massive Java Ecosystem and Developer Community

Leverages partners across TV ecosystems from operators to device manufacturers, and the Java community of more than 9 billion

Extensible Platform

Flexible platform design; supports key Java extensions and can be extended to support new features and functionality

Rich, Interactive Application Platform

Feature-rich platform by design and evolution through Java community and TV standards contributions

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