Java Standard Edition for Embedded Devices

Java Standard Edition (Java SE) for Embedded Devices delivers a secure, optimized runtime environment that is ideal for network-based devices. Based on the same specification as the popular desktop and server Java SE runtime, Java SE for Embedded Devices enables development organizations to build powerful, feature-rich applications that leverage the extensive Java ecosystem including tools, libraries, a widespread developer-base, and more.

Java Licensing and Distribution

Oracle does not charge for general-purpose internal Java usage. However, if Java is being deployed in a product or service externally distributed to customers, a license is required.

To ensure that your company is compliant with the Java licensing and distribution terms and conditions, visit the Java Licensing and Distribution FAQs and/or view the Java Licensing Agreement. If in doubt, contact your local Java sales representative.

The Java Platform, Optimized For Your Device

  • The #1 Choice for Developers—Java is one of the most popular application platforms on the planet and delivers a vibrant developer ecosystem fueled by powerful tools, books, libraries, code samples, and more
  • Deploy with Confidence—Provides consistent runtime environments spanning Java SE on the desktop and Java SE for Embedded Devices on the device
  • Optimized for Embedded—Java SE for Embedded Devices includes support for key requirements such as embedded processor support, power management, small-footprint deployments, and more
  • High-performance, Portable Applications—Achieves native performance while providing portability across a range of embedded processors and operating systems
  • Proven Security Model—Delivers an advanced, highly secure application environment that is ideal for network-based applications

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