Oracle Java Wireless Client

Market-leading Java ME Implementation Offering Application Runtime for Mass-market Mobile Devices

A comprehensive, feature-rich application runtime that enables mobile OEMs and operators to get to market faster.

  • Oracle Java Wireless Client (OJWC)
  • Oracle Java Wireless Client (OJWC)
  • Oracle Java Wireless Client (OJWC)
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Oracle Java Wireless Client Source
Oracle Java Wireless Client Limited Source
Oracle Java Wireless Client Binary
  • Source of the product licensed by device manufacturers or value-added providers to tailor the Java ME runtime for specific device/hardware requirements
  • Limited source of the product for porting/platform integrator partners to enable device specific customizations by these partners
  • The executable version of Oracle Java Wireless Client that is loaded on the mobile device to provide the Java ME runtime environment.
Supported Platforms:
  • Win32
  • Win 32
  • Other device platforms (RTOSes) to be supported by porting OJWC on those platforms by these Partners
  • Brew MP (pre-integrated solution) + Other RTOSes (through custom integration)
Components Included
  • Supported JSRs (as listed in the Oracle Java Wireless Client datasheet)
  • OI / Standard JSRs in pre-defined configurations (Read Only)
  • Oracle Proprietary Features – Oracle Mobile Developer APIs, etc. (Read Only)+
  • A modifiable porting layer (to enable device specific customizations by the porting partners)
  • Supported JSRs, Oracle proprietary functionality (Oracle Mobile Developer APIs, NW APIs, content management APIs, device-specific performance optimizations)
Key Benefits:
  • Optimized implementation of standard JSRs
  • Oracle support
  • Configurability for specific device requirements
  • An optimized product stack available off-the-shelf with the benefits of device specific optimizations/configurations done per OEM’s specifications
  • Oracle support and services
  • A ready-to-run, performant Java ME runtime environment tailored by Oracle or Oracle’s partners
  • Additional value-added functionality over standard JSRs
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