Oracle Java Wireless Client for the Brew Mobile Platform

Oracle Java Wireless Client for the Brew Mobile Platform (Brew MP) is a turnkey solution that gives Qualcomm-based devices the ability to run Java ME applications through a pre-integrated solution agnostic to the underlying chipset family. This solution results in reduced porting times and reduced time-to-market for device manufacturers.

Oracle Java Wireless Client software offers a variety of unique features designed and integrated specifically for Brew MP. These result in robust integration of the Java ME runtime with the native platform and improve the overall execution of Java ME applications. These unique features are implemented in a variety of modules, starting from the Java Application Management System (AMS) that is customized to enhance application installation and management.

Oracle Java Wireless Client for Brew MP provides a high-performance, multi-tasking Java Virtual Machine (JVM) on top of an open mobile platform. The highlights of this pre-integrated stack include:

  • Support for leading operator extensions
  • Support for a variety of Qualcomm Mobile Station Modem (MSM)/Single-Chip (QSC) chipsets
  • Tight integration of Java applications with native Brew MP