Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite

Expert Monitoring and Management for Mission-Critical Java Applications

Oracle's Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) binaries provide enterprise features that minimize the costs of deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of Java-based IT environments.

  • Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite
  • Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite
  • Oracle Java SE Advanced and Oracle Java SE Suite
Feature Benefit
Standard Oracle Support for Java SE*
  • 24x7, 27-language email and phone support
  • Immediate support for mission-critical apps
  • Notification of and access to security updates
Security Updates and Revisions on Older and Current Releases*
  • Greater security and lowered risk for older and EOL’d versions of Java SE
  • Revisions (interim releases that contain critical updates) provide a longer time period to transition to newer releases
  • Support for new OSs and browsers added to older Java releases so legacy code can continue to work
  • Access to fully tested releases in days or weeks
Both HotSpot and JRockit VMs Under a Single License
  • Two leading VMs—HotSpot and JRockit—under a single license enable you to choose the right tool for your performance needs
Improved Monitoring and Diagnostics with Java Mission Control
  • Monitor, diagnose, and profile Java applications for an extremely detailed insight into a running Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • Designed for use in production
  • Incurs virtually no performance overhead
  • Requires no re-writes or specific start-up flags
“Back-in-Time” Analysis with Java Flight Recorder
  • “Always On” detailed profiling data always available in rotating buffer
  • Combines data from the Java Runtime Environment and the Java application
  • Combines JVM-level detail with logic from the Java application
  • ”Time-machine” (instead of logs) provides information from before the time that the problem occurred
  • Reduces TCO
Improved Analytics with Java UsageTracker
  • Collect data from each Java SE deployment in the organization, to ensure that deployments are up-to-date and to track application usage
  • Provides detailed information about where Java SE is installed and utilized, including version, used Java applications, and command-line arguments
JRockit Real Time
  • Offers response-time capabilities in microseconds
  • Guarantees a maximum response time of single-digit milliseconds with deterministic-garbage collection
  • Contains latency analysis tools for monitoring and tuning the application

*Oracle Java SE Advanced along with the corresponding maintenance and support contract.

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