Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)

#1 Development Platform

Makes applications available across heterogeneous environments so businesses can boost end-user productivity, communication, and collaboration, dramatically reducing the costs of enterprise and consumer applications.

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
Feature Benefit
Platform Independence

Java runs on most major hardware and OS platforms either with software directly from Oracle, via one of the many partners in the Java ecosystem, or as part of the OpenJDK community.

High Performance

HotSpot and JRockit are proven just-in-time compiler technologies that make Java a fast choice.

Built-in optimizations for multi-threaded environments make Java even faster.

Easy to Learn

Java is the programming language of choice at universities and learning institutions around the globe.

Java's model for memory management, multi-threading, and exception handling make it a powerful language for both new and skilled developers.


The Java language and related technology evolves via the Java Community Process, a mechanism for developing technical specifications for Java technology.


With more than 9 million developers and hundreds of partners and organizations building enterprise libraries, Java is the choice of enterprise software developers.

Rich Tools Ecosystem

Great developers need great tools. NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ are just some of the tools ecosystems empowering development.

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