Oracle JRockit Products

Oracle JRockit is a comprehensive Java SE solution that includes a high-performance JVM, profiling, monitoring and 
diagnostics tools, and predictable latency for Java applications.

  • Oracle JRockit Products
  • Oracle JRockit Products
  • Oracle JRockit Products
  • Oracle JRockit Products
Feature Benefit
Oracle JRockit

High-performance JVM specifically targeted for server applications

Optimized for and integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware

World-record performance

Oracle JRockit Flight Recorder

Monitor and profile your in-production application performance with no performance penalties

After-the-fact diagnostics

Black-box style diagnostics of production systems

Zero-overhead diagnostics, profiling, and monitoring

Oracle JRockit Mission Control

Enable extensive analysis of your Java application in both development and production

Zero-overhead diagnostics, profiling and monitoring

Single-digit millisecond latency with 5 nines predictability

Oracle JRockit Real Time

Predictable latency for Java applications with strict response time requirements

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