Oracle Linux Support

Oracle Linux leverages Oracle’s world-class support infrastructure to offer 24/7 Linux support in 145 countries worldwide. Oracle delivers highest quality, enterprise-class, low-cost support for Linux with:

  • Oracle now offers Ksplice, zero downtime updates, for customers with Oracle Linux Premier Support
  • Premier backports
  • Management and clustering software at no additional charge
  • Comprehensive legal indemnification (Top 5 Facts About Oracle’s Indemnification for Linux)
  • Full-stack testing and best practices with Oracle Validated Configurations
  • Lower cost – use our Cost Calculator to see your savings

Oracle’s Sun x86 Systems include Oracle Linux support. When you purchase Oracle’s Sun x86 Systems with Premier Support for Systems, Oracle Linux Premier Support is included (as well as support for Oracle VM and Oracle Solaris). Read more about Oracle Premier Support for Systems and Oracle Premier Support for Operating Systems.


Oracle provides different levels of Linux Support to choose from. All are available for eight years starting from the general availability of an Oracle Linux release.

Support Level Benefits
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Oracle Linux Network Support
Free Binaries and Errata
  • Access to software enhancements and erratas
  • Free, no need to buy a support subscription
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