SOA Modernization Architecture

The Complete Open Systems Architecture for Modernized Applications
To help your organization overcome the drawbacks of your legacy applications, the SOA Modernization Architecture (SMA) provides the complete platform for modernization providing user interaction, business intelligence, integration, process management, and grid infrastructure for Modernization. SMA provides a product-independent architecture that forms a unified, virtual environment for SOA applications that can be implemented in a "hot pluggable" fashion using Oracle as well as 3rd party products.

The SOA Modernization Architecture provides support for all types of modernization approaches—whether SOA legacy integration to "wrap " legacy, re-hosting to migrate applications "as-is ", automated migration to translate languages and migrate databases, packages to replace existing legacy or re-architecting to mine business content to full SOA. Your result will be increased flexibility to align IT infrastructure costs to IT budgets and react to changing business demands, with reduced maintenance costs, and a mainframe-like quality of service.


  • Product independent—Generic architecture that can be implemented with various vendor products
  • Existing product friendly—Using SOA techniques as a way to interact among architecture components means not having to throw away existing product investment in newer technologies
  • Maximum agility—Designed to support the alignment of IT capabilities and reaction time with business goals
  • High quality of service—Supports high levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability, as well as supporting concepts typically associated with legacy such as tape management and job scheduling
  • Lower TCO—Reduce costs through application re-use, low-cost commodity hardware, low-cost software, and new capabilities that can replace legacy code to minimize application maintenance
  • Standard-based—Adopt industry-standard technology and decrease reliance on legacy skill sets
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